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The STIHL BR 700 Professional Backpack Blower is engineered to tackle tough landscaping tasks with ease, offering high output performance and fuel efficiency. Its powerful engine can handle clearing piles of wet leaves while keeping bottom-line costs low. Designed with professionals in mind, it features adaptive design elements for enhanced comfort and convenience, including an adjustable telescopic tube and a control handle that can be quickly adjusted without the need for tools. With its optimal power-to-weight ratio, the BR 700 combines power and portability for maximum productivity wherever the job takes you.

Key Features:

  • Semi-Automatic Choke Lever: Simplifies the starting procedure with a three-step process, enabling quick and easy starts for faster job commencement.
  • Adjustable Support Harness: Equipped with an adjustable support harness that evenly distributes weight across the shoulders and back, reducing user fatigue during extended use.
  • Powerful Low Exhaust Emission Engine: Delivers high performance while minimizing fuel consumption and emissions, ensuring cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness.
  • Throttle Trigger Lock with Built-In Momentary Stop Switch: Allows for easy engine shutdown with a simple press of a button or lever, ensuring convenient operation and quick transitions between tasks.
  • Multi-Function Control Handle: All controls are conveniently located on a single handle for easy access, enhancing operator efficiency and comfort.
  • Anti-Vibration System: Minimizes operator fatigue and provides a more comfortable working experience, even during prolonged use.
  • Purge Pump Primer: Enables easier starting by priming the carburetor with fuel, with safeguards to prevent engine flooding for hassle-free operation.
  • High-Tech Polymer Housings: Lightweight, impact-resistant, and corrosion-resistant housings ensure durability and long-term performance.
  • Reduced-Emission Engine Technology: Environmental consciousness is prioritized with reduced exhaust emissions, meeting stringent EPA and/or CARB standards.
  • Made in America: Majority of STIHL products sold in America are manufactured domestically using high-quality materials.


  • Power Source: Gas
  • Weight: 23.4 lbs.
  • Blowing Force in Standard Mode: 35 Newtons
  • Sound Pressure Rating: 75 dB(A)
  • Max. Air Velocity: 197 mph
  • Air Volume at Nozzle: 912 cfm
  • Engine Power: 3.8 bhp (brake horsepower)
  • Fuel Capacity: 47.3 oz.
  • Displacement: 64.8 cc (cubic centimeters)

Width Weight Height Length
0 Inch 23.4 Pounds 0 Inch 0 Inch

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